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Fallon’s pov
“Cora I’ve been calling you but you ignored me “l said

“Can you believe that brat ignored me? “She roared angrily

“Cora! “l yelled as l placed my hand on her mouth

“Do you know the consequences of saying what you just said? “I asked and she huffed

“I don’t care “She squealed

“But am going to get back at him for ignoring me “she said and walked away angrily

“She’s going to get into trouble again “l mumbled and ran after her

Aderyn’s pov♨️
“Brother, you know what? You are too ignorant and grumpy “Atlas, my brother said and looked away

“Are you trying to defend her? “I remarked obviously angry

“Yes of course. You ignored such a cute and girl “He retorted

“She too clumsy and you know, l don’t like such girls “l uttered

“There’s no girl likeable to you. You always seem to find a flaw in them “he snapped

“That’s because l’m not a pervert like you “l snapped back and walked away

Cora’s pov 💖
“He’s gonna pay for ignoring me “l mumbled walking hastily not minding where l was heading to so far l find that dickhead

“Cora, stop walking hastily or you will slip “Fallon yelled from behind

“Don’t try to stop me, Fallon “l turned back to say

“Ahhhhhhh “l yelled as l slipped

I closed my eyes expecting my butt to land on the floor but l felt a hand on my waist, which prevented me from falling

I opened my eyes slightly then wide when l saw who held my waist, Aderyn Halnon

“Gosh, so the grumpy guy saved me from falling but he’s so cute, l must admit “l thought as l stared at his face

He frowned and let’s go of my waist and my butt landed on the tiled floor

“Ouch “l winced in pain

He scoffed and walked away

“I’m really sorry about that “A guy pleaded and ran after Aderyn

“Cora, are you ok? “Fallon asked inquisitively and l nodded

“I’m so gonna get back at that guy “l growled angrily

“You have to stop yearning for revenge, come on “Fallon said and pulled me up

Aderyn’s pov 😒
‘Brother, you are too…’

“Don’t try to defend her, now get out of my sight “l snapped

He grumbles and walked into the class reluctantly

I did the same

“Here comes miss clumsy “A student said and everyone laughed

I looked up and saw the clumsy girl l met few minutes ago

She ignored the students, walking towards my direction

“Hope you brought something for us? “Another student asked and she nodded

She got to where l was sitting and stared at me for some moments before sitting down

I furrowed my brows, l know two students can share a sit but l never knew l will be sharing a sit with her

“Why are you sitting here? “I asked

She ignored and placed her bag on her thighs bringing out her books

I laughed when she brought out a pink teddy bear, purple, brown, yellow…

“Guys, l’ve got something for you guys “she announced and the students rushed to our seat

“This is Pat, Jack, Hay … “She said pointing at the teddies

Gosh, she even gave the teddy bears names, she really is clumsy

Soon, the students left our seat

“How come you have so many teddies? “I asked but she ignored

“Miss clumsy “l muttered loud enough for her to hear

She brought out a petty knife and pointed it at me

“Hey! Watch it Mister or l will pierce your soul, you know l loathe you so just keep your mouth shut “she threatened pointing the knife at my stomach

I gulped in and spranged up really scared

“Wh… what in the are you doing with a knife? “I smattered then raised my voice

I did that cos l don’t want her to know am scared

She laughed and l arched my brow then sat down looking at her
What’s so funny?

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