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📖 HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE 📖 Chapter four

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Aderyn’s pov ❤️
It’s break now and am sure clumsy would have gone outta class

I walked towards the hallway and there’s no student

I walked to my class and peeped to see if Cora is still in class

No, she’s not in class

“What do you think you’re doing? “A feminine voice asked from behind and l froze

The voice seems familiar, it’s like Cora’s. I turned to see Cora

I was right , it is Cora

I stared at her for some time before looking away

How can someone be so beautiful, like my bro said earlier, and clumsy at the same time

I don’t like her or like being around her, she’s clumsy

My eyes tried to look up at her again but l failed it by lowering my eyelids

I hate her or should l say all girls, they are heartbreakers 😠🤬

“I’ve been looking for you so where have you been? “She queried and l rolled my eyes

“As if you care “l muttered

“Of course, l care “she said and flinched

“There’s no need to be. I’m not a child that has to be looked after. I don’t need your concern just get outta here “l growled

“I was only…. “She tried to explain and touch me but fling her hand away

“Just stay away from me, l loathe you “l roared, she looked down and l could see tears creeping down her face

That’s what girls always do. To fool a guy with their goddamn tears


“I hate everything about you “l added and she ran away hurriedly

That will urge her to stay away from me

Cora’s pov 😭
“I loathe you “His words kept resounding in my ears

“I hate everything about you “it continued

I felt so dejected the moment he said those words to me

It’s not like l love him or something, l was only concerned, that’s all

After he refused to apologise and ran out of class. He was taking too much time to return to class so l decided to look for him

He’s supposed to be grateful but he bombarded me with insults

“I hate everything about you “His voice came in again

Is it because am clumsy or what? It’s not my fault. It’s just who am l

Like everyone calls me ‘clumsy Cora’

“Don’t always consider the words of people… “My mom’s voice rang in my ear

I think mom is right, l shouldn’t be crying now

I wiped my tears with my finger. There’s no need to be sad Cora

You just have to be strong and stand up for yourself

I turned to walk to my class ignoring the murmurs and chatters made by the students

I got to my school, grabbed my bag off my seat and slung it over my shoulder

I walked out of the class heading downstairs, l’m sure you guys must be thinking about Fallon

Actually, she has gone home. She left kinda early cos of some personal family matters

Billies’s pov ❤️
My friends and l laughed as she came out with her eyes red and puffy

She noticed and turned to look at us

“Miss clumsy got insulted today “Skylar, my friend mocked and we continued laughing

She sniffled and walked out of the school through the gate

“That’s what you get for trying to get close to what’s rightfully mine “l smirked

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