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💫 HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE 💫 Chapter eleven

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Cora’s pov 🎀
I slammed the door behind me and slowly sat on the floor

What have I done?
I just slapped the famous Aderyn Halnon. You shouldn’t have done that Cora

I won’t be able to work here

I stood up and walked towards the direction l came from

Then Atlas pulled me
“Where are you going to? “He asked somehow angry and I flinched

“None of your business”
He eyes softens

“Just tell me “
He groaned and l heaved a sigh

I told him everything that transpired between me and Aderyn and where l also planned on going to

“You shouldn’t leave just because of Aderyn. You should have known him by now, he’s ruthless and grumpy but I’m sure he’s gonna change “He said

I arched my brows

“That’s not possible. Aderyn can never change “l thought

“Aderyn hasn’t been slapped for years so am sure he will change since you’ve given him “
He went on and l grinned

Billies’s pov 😡
She thinks she can just come in here and live freely? Never, that’s not gonna happen on my watch

I’m gonna make her life so miserable that she’s gonna leave without anyone asking her to

I’m going to taunt her each day until she learns to stay away from my Aderyn

But let’s just watch the fighting between the two of them then l can execute my plan

Atlas’s pov 💛
“Come on, l will take you to my room “l urged her and she nodded

“Ummm, this is your room “l said as we entered the room

“There are clothes arranged in the wardrobe”
I went on and she walked to the bed and sat on it

“What about the maid outfit? “She asked

“Oh, l forgot about that “l groaned and walked to the wardrobe, pulled it out and laid it on the bed

“It’s looks good “
She smiled

“Change. I’ll be waiting outside “l said and walked out

Cora’s pov 👄
I strip outta my cloth and put on the outfit

It’s kinda short but manageable, though. I packed my hair in a bun

I walked to the mirror
“Perfect “l uttered as l stared at my reflection on the mirror

I walked to the door and twisted the door knob, moved outside

“Stop staring “l said to Atlas who was busy staring

He shook his head
“You look gorgeous soon to be sister in-law ”
He winked and l shot him a glare then he jammed his lips

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