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Cora’s pov
“Cora, you’ve got to go get ready for school “My mom yelled chasing me around my room

“Nooo mom “l said and hurriedly ran out of my room

I ran to the living room and hid behind the couch

“Cora, stop being childish and come out “l heard my mom say

I shook my head
“No m… “I tried to say but l placed my hand on my mouth

“Oh my God! She’s going to find me soon “l thought as l tried to move from the living room to the dinning room

“Caught you!! “Mom yelled and pulled me up

“I don’t want to go to school mum, every one calls me clumsy at school “l mumbled and pouted my lips

“You will go to school cora and l don’t always consider what people say about you “Mom said pulling me to my room

You are no longer a child but you still behave childish “Mom said while pulling me and l rolled my eyes

She entered my room and pulled me to the bathroom

“Now, take a shower and come down for breakfast so you can go to school “Mom said and walked away

I scrunched my nose and turned to take a shower reluctantly

Hi, l’m Cora Hurbert, the most clumsiest girl you wouldn’t want to meet. I live with my mom since my dad died when l was barely three years old

In Talent High School 🏫

👤 He looks so damn cute

👤He looks dashing

👤Gosh, he looks so serious

👤OMG! Look at his flashy car

Those were the words murmured by Talent High School students as Aderyn Halnon stepped out of his flashy car

He’s a young popular popstar so everyone must know him

The cheers and hails became louder as Aderyn’s brother Atlas stepped out of the car. Unlike Aderyn, he’s wearing a broad smile, not serious and cool 😎, that’s why he has so many fans

Cora’s pov ❤️
“I wonder what’s going on in school? ” I asked as l could hear shouts, cheers and hails

I got to the school gate and peeped and l couldn’t see who the cheers and hails were for, it was like the whole students were standing right there

“The whole students is actually standing right there “l said as l scratched my head in frustration

“Cora! Cora!! “I heard someone call out to me

I searched for the person calling out to me and it turned out to be my best friend, Fallon

“Come over “she mouthed and l shook my head sideways

I am the shy type so l loathe being found amongst crowd

She came out and held my hand, pulling me into the school

“Let go of me, Fallon. You know l hate being amongst crowd “l said, trying to release my hand from her grip

“OMG! Isn’t that Aderyn Halnon? “I exclaimed excitedly

“Yes he is “Fallon said nodding

“I want to meet him, am actually a biggest fan of his “l said and ran towards his direction

“Cora, come back “Fallon said but l ignored her

“OMG! Aderyn, l never thought l would see you in reality. Am a biggest fan of yours “l said and he looked at me for sometime before chuckling then he walked away

The students burst out laughing before they walked to their various classes

“Gosh, such a grouchy and grumpy guy “l mumbled as l clenched my fists at my sides

“He’s going to pay for ignoring me “l said obviously angry

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