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🏫 HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE 🏫 Chapter seven💫

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Cora’s pov 💛
Oh my gosh l’ve gotten a job, l can’t wait to tell Mom the good news

I got home and barged in through the door and l met my mom sitting on the couch watching TV

“You won’t believe what happened mom “l exclaimed and sat beside her

“What happened? “She asked

“If you don’t know, take a guess”

“I can’t take a guess. Tell me what happened “she said

She blinked obviously in confusion. She looked down, rubbed her eyes before looking up at my face

“What job? “She asked

“To work as a maid. The person or rather my boss said l could work as a full time maid “l said and she arched her brows

“That’s impossible. Won’t you attend school anymore? “She asked and l rolled my eyes

“I can go to school from there mom “l said

“Are you..”She was saying

There she goes again, always asking questions

“Enough mom, that’s enough questions about my job “l blurted out

“I’m going to work and that’s final. There’s nothing you can do about it “l added, stood up and walked to my room

Aderyn’s pov ❤️
“I’m hungry “l groaned as l sunk on the couch

“Jean! Jean!! “I called out to the maid

“Mary! Mary!! “I called out to the other maid but got no response

“You fired them, remember? “Atlas barged in. But don’t worry about finding another maid, l’ve taken care of that “he added with a smile at the corner of his lips

“You hired a maid? “I asked and he nodded affirmatively

“I want to meet her right now “l remarked

“She will begin work tomorrow and I’m pretty sure you will be surprised when you see her “he smirked and walked away

I wonder what he meant by that. Surprise? I will never be surprised to see a common maid

Whatever, l shouldn’t be thinking about this

But l hope the new maid wouldn’t be clumsy and arrogant as the previous ones

Next day
Cora’s pov ❤️
“Mom, l’m gonna miss you so much “l cried out and hugged her

“I will miss you more cupcake “she said and smooched my cheek

“Be a good girl and always focus on your studies. Momma’s gonna miss you “she said and disengaged

“Bye Mom “I waved before pulling my luggage along with me

“Bye “l waved back

The driver opened the carboot and carried my luggage into it

I entered the car and waved at mom as the driver ignite the engine and drove off

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