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🏖️ HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE 🏖️ Chapter ten

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Aderyn’s pov 💛
I stepped out of the bathroom to see the clumsy cat lying on my bed and l scowled

“What the hell are you doing in my room? “I yelled and she jerked outta the bed

“l am sorry, l never knew it was your room “she stuttered

“You liar, my albums are all over the wall so you should have known it was my room “l said and she looked around

“I didn’t notice the albums. I’m sorry, I will leave right away “she uttered and scurried off

Clumsy 🤬
I’m sure she knew she was in my room

Cora’s pov 🧡
I walked hastily away from his room. I never knew it was his room

And l parted my legs, l hope he didn’t see anything

Dammit Cora, you are crazy

I barged into a large room, it’s looks a gymnasium

Wooow, it’s got different stuffs that I don’t know

I walked to ‘only God knows what’ (treadmill) and touched it

I stepped on what looked like a wide wheel and decided to press the start button

“Don’t you dare “Aderyn yelled and l shuddered

Omg! What have l gotten myself into again?

Aderyn’s pov 💖
Now, l know what Cora’s plan is, she’s stalking me so you could get closer to me

I grabbed her roughly and pinned her to the wall

“What the hell are you doing in my gym? You’ve been stalking me right? “I asked

“I should be asking you the same question grumpy “she squeezed her face and flinged my hands in a rage

“How dare …. “I was saying when she interrupted me with a hard slap across my face

“You know what, Aderyn?
I’m sick and tired of your ruthless and grumpy behavior “she yelled

“Why can’t you be nice to me for once, huh? Because you are rich or what? I just got here so how do you expect me to know my way around here. I’ve got better stuffs to do than to stalk a ruthless guy like you ” she roared amidst tears and stormed out

“Fuck you wench “she yelled again

“Dammit “l cursed

I haven’t been slapped in years and someone just did

Am l that ruthless?

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