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🏖️ HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE 🏖️ Chapter nine

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Aderyn’s pov ❤️
“I refuse to let you work here as a maid “l roared angrily

“Why, him? Cos you’re the boss or what? You are the only one who can hire maids, right?
Well, l’m not gonna listen to you. If you can hire maids, l can do that also. I don’t give a shit on what you say “he said and pulling her into our house 🏠

She felt reluctant to go in but Atlas pulled her in

“Don’t tell she’s gonna work here cos l won’t accept that. You’ve gotta get that clumsy cat outta here “she yelled

“You know what? Just shut the fuck up, ok?. Get outta here “l countered and she huffed before walking away

“Fools “I muttered lowly

Cora’s pov 🎀
“Let go of me Atlas “l yelled and turned over to face him

I fling his hand away from mine
“I don’t want to work here anymore “l cried out and he huffed

“You will work here and that’s final. Don’t listen to a word he says. I’m your boss, l hired you not him so you will do as l say “he remarked and walked away angrily

“Atlas! Atlas!! Please come back “l pleaded but he ignored

He’s right, l shouldn’t listen to or be scared of Aderyn. Atlas is my boss and not him

Cora, you’ve gotta get your mind off Aderyn and focus on the reason you are here

I think l will just go to my room, get dressed and started working

But how can l do all that when l arrived here few minutes ago?

I don’t even know my way around here or where l should go from here?

“Atlas! Atlas!! “I called out twirling in circles

Gosh, l wonder where he is. I think I’ve really made him angry

“I’m sure you must be happy that you’ll be working here “l heard someone say behind me

I turned to see the girl whose living with Aderyn and Atlas

She walked up to me and scoffed
“I’m sure Aderyn is gonna make this house a living hell for you cos he can’t tolerate your clumsiness. I’m certain you be outta here in five days “she scorned and walked away

She turned around
“If you wanna know my name. It’s Billies, your arch enemy “she turned and walked away

I rolled my eyes
I’m certain that she won’t be able to do anything to me and l wonder what l’ve done to her

I’ve never wronged her in any way so why is she after me?

Atlas’s pov 💛
“I’m so angry right now. The goddamn Aderyn behaves like he owns the world. He’s not the only one who has to do what he likes around here

I had the impression that he might change someday but l was wrong


Wait a minute.. Cora

Omg! I left Cora all alone and she doesn’t even know her way around her.

Aderyn might do something to her if he finds her, I’ve got to find her

I ran to the spot l left her and I met her lying flat on the floor, with her eyes closed and her lips moving vehemently like she’s saying something

Who does that?

I walked up to her and tried figuring out what’s she saying but l couldn’t

“Cora, what are you doing? “I asked

“Praying ” she muttered and continued moving her lips

“You’ve lost it Cora “l said and pulled her up

“You’ve just ruined my prayer. Your brother and Billies already hate me so l had to pray so l could live peacefully here without getting into trouble with them and you’ve ruined it “she squealed and walked away

She’s crazy

Cora’s pov 🎀
“I’m so tired. I need to rest now “l groaned

I walked to a door and opened it slowly and I peeped to see if anyone was in the room but there’s no one

I walked in and slumped down the onto the bed tiredly

It feels so comfy and l parted as l laid down on the bed

I could hear running water but who cares anyways

I think this is going to be my room

“What the hell are you doing in my room? “Someone yelled and l froze recognizing that voice

It was Aderyn’s

Omg, l was in his room all along and l didn’t know

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