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Aderyn’s pov 🧡
“I LOVE YOU “l mumbled and she disengaged quickly

“What did you say? “She asked

“Nothing “l snapped and pulled her in a tight hug

“I can’t breathe “she groaned and l chuckled softly

We unlocked and l stared at her

“Geez! Cora, they got you half naked. Take this “l said and handed her my jacket

“Yes. They ripped my dress and tried to take advantage of me “she drawled

“I tried calling out to the maids but it looked like they disappeared “
She went on while l stared at her lips as she moved them

Her lips were really tempting and l wonder how it feels kissing those or should l go for it?

Cora’s pov ❤️
I moved my eyes to him and noticed that he wasn’t even listening to what l was saying

“What are you thinking about? “I asked jolting him from his thoughts

“Nothing “he shrugged

“You weren’t even paying attention to what l was saying “l said and crossed my hands against my chest

He held my waist swiftly and pulled me closer to him

My body tingled against his touch

“Oh baby, there’s no need to get angry. l’m sorry “he pout and l frowned

“Okay. I’m gonna make it up to you “he said and l arched my brows

“How? “I asked

My heart fluttered when he bent over and claimed my lips in his kissing me

Billie’s pov 🔥
“You couldn’t do a simple job “l yelled at Jason

“We were sent there to rape not to fight “he blurted out

“For not doing the job, you won’t get a dime from me “l roared angrily

“Hey! Watch the tone you use in talking to me “he yelled and pinned me to the wall

“There’s no difference between you guys. You’ve got a nice body also “he smirked with list in his eyes while l gulped in

Aderyn’s pov 🧡
My arms encircled around her waist as she leaned forward to deepen the kiss

I pulled away gently from the kiss and moved my lips to her ear

“Got you!! “I yelled as l quickly disengaged and ran upstairs

“Are you for real? Oh l’m so gonna get back at you for this “she snapped and l stuck out my tongue

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