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🍥 HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE 🍥 Chapter twenty

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Cora’s pov cont’d 📣
“Who the hell is that? “I thought and frowned

Whoever the person is, he or she just ruined the best moment ever

The knock came in again

Aderyn turned to look at the door then to me and chuckled when he saw my reaction

He smooched my cheek before climbing down from the bed and walked to the door to open it

It was a maid

“Sir, breakfast is ready “she said and walked away

I hissed loudly before climbing down from the bed and walked up to Aderyn

“Seems we’ve got to stop”
He winked

I scowled and crossed my arms against my chest

He hugged me

“I’m gonna miss you “
He said and l smiled

“And the sweet moment. The next time we’ll do this, l’ll be getting my lips on those “
He pointed at my breast and l swat his arms playfully

“You are so naughty “
I laughed and he winked

He stared at me and giggled like he saw something on my face

I raised my brows at him and he shook his head

I walked out of his room heading to mine

“Cora, where were you last night? “
Atlas asked while l headed to my room

“I was busy “I said

“Busy doing what? ” He asked again and l turned to look at him

“None of your business “
I remarked and he gasped

“Cora, don’t tell me you did it? “
He squealed excitedly

“Did what? “
I arched my brows

“You did it with Aderyn “
He screamed loudly and placed my hand on his mouth

“How did you know that? “
I whispered and removed my hand

“There’s a hickey “
He said and pointed at my neck

“So you guys kissed, right? “
He nudged me

Now that he knows Aderyn kissed me, he’s gonna use it as an alternative to taunt me

Oh! I think that Aderyn saw that made him chuckle. I couldn’t help stop the smile that formed at the corner of my lips as l remembered his words

“I will be getting my lips on those “
It resounded

“You are even smiling so how did it go? Give me all the details “He smiled and shook my head before turning to walk to my room…

Aderyn’s pov ❤️
I wonder how she’ll react when she finds out l gave her a hickey

I strip outta my pants and wrapped a towel around my waist

I moved to the bathroom and stepped into the bath tub filled with cold water

I smiled as the memories of our kiss filled my head

I forgot she only wanted a kiss and l made it obvious

I wonder what would have happened if the maid didn’t knock

I shoved off the memories and washed up before stepping outta the tub

Cora’s pov ❤️
I slide outta my nightie and moved to the bathroom to take a shower

I washed up and wrapped a towel around my body. I walked to my room and dried my skin before rubbing my body lotion before bringing out, from the wardrobe what to put on, a sheath dressed

I laid it on the bed and put on my undies before wearing my sheath dress

I packed my hair in a ponytail before moving out of my room heading to Aderyn’s

Billie’s pov ❤️
“So they are now together? “I thought between gritted teeth

What l’ve been yearning for years, someone has gotten it in a twinkle of an eye

I watched as they walked outta Aderyn’s room hand in hand and l hit my fist ✊ on the wall

They are inviting more troubles for themselves by doing this

“I’m so gonna make cora suffer!!! “…

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