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🍥 HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE 🍥 Chapter twelve

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Cora’s pov 🎀
I made rice and beef stew for dinner. I might be clumsy 🤪 but I’m also a great cook, mom taught me everything I needed to know about cooking

Atlas taught me how to make use of gas cooker since I’m not very good at it cos we make use of stove in my house and he also showed me around the house

He has really been of great help to me. He’s really a good guy or rather a good friend

I carried the tray of food l’ve prepared to the dinning area

Atlas and Billies were already sitted except Aderyn

I wonder where he is, l haven’t seen him since we had a fight

I placed the tray on the table and served the food

“Umm, where’s Aderyn? “I whispered at Atlas

“His food is usually served in his room “he whispered back

Billies shot us a glare and l rolled my eyes

“How do you expect me to do that, huh? “I muttered

“You’ve got to go now or he’s gonna get really angry “Atlas said

I gulped in
I wouldn’t want to get him m angry this time around

I took his food and looked at Atlas who winked at me before signalling for me to go upstairs with his eyes

I walked towards the stairs and climbed up on it till l got upstairs and l moved to the door to his room

I don’t know why l’m scared
I hope l’m not gonna mess up this time

My hands are already shaking vigorously
Calm down Cora, all you’ve got to do to serve the food and get outta there

I snorted before twisting the door knob and l stepped in, my hands still shaking

I met Aderyn sitting on the bed focused on his phone

He looked up at me the moment l stepped in and he kept staring as l dropped the food on the table and turned to leave when he stopped me

“Don’t go yet “he said calmly and l froze

In such a calm tone
That’s a first

I turned around
“Sir? “

“Get me a glass of water “he ordered and l arched my brows

“But there’s a glass of water on the tray “l said

He looked up at me and l closed my eyes ready to bombarded with insults

“It won’t be enough “
He said and l opened my eyes in utmost shock

Am l dreaming?
I rubbed my eyes and pinched my skin but l’m still in his room which implies l’m not dreaming

How come he’s so calm?
Hmmm 😕, that’s unlike him

Atlas was certainly right
The slap has smacked some senses in his head

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