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🍥 HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE 🍥 Chapter thirteen

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Cora’s pov 💛
I arrived at the kitchen and grabbed a glass. I walked to the sink and filled it up

I walked back to his room and handed him the glass of water

“Anything else? “I asked as he climbed down from the bed

He shook his head and l nodded before walking out of his room

I arrived at the dinning area and the table was already cleared

I’m sure Atlas did this. He’s such a darling

I really need to get some rest. I will be going to school tomorrow

I can’t wait to see Fallon

😴Cora, go get ready for school “mom yelled 😴

😴 Leave me alone mom, l wanna sleep a little longer 😴

“Madam! Madam!! “
I kept hearing until l woke up

I yawned loudly before looking towards the door to see a maid

How come a maid is here?
I thought l was the only maid hired

I rubbed my eyes just so l could check if l was dreaming but no, she’s still standing right there

“Madam, l’ve prepared a bath for you and breakfast is ready “she said and walked away

What did she just call me?

And l noticed she’s putting on a different maid attire

It’s surprising but feels extremely good

I climbed down from the bed and strip outta my nightie

I walked to the bathroom and moved into the bath tub

“Omg! It’s so cold “l groaned as l jolted out of the tub

I’m going to use the shower but l’ve got no idea on how to use it

“Anybody there? “I yelled as l struggled with the shower

Aderyn’s pov 🧡
“I need help here “she yelled again

Umm, Maybe l can be of help to her. I opened the door and entered her room

Her voice was coming from the bathroom and I walked to it

I opened the door to meet her struggling with the shower and she was completely naked😳

She turned around and screamed loudly then grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her body

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