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🍥 HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE 🍥 Chapter fourteen

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Cora’s pov 🍥
I screamed and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body when l saw Aderyn

“What are you doing here? “I stuttered

“I thought you needed help so.. “
He was saying

“I was only calling out to the maid not you “l interrupted

“Okay, l’m sorry “he said

“Get out this instant. Just get out ” l roared angrily but he stood obviously in shock

I walked to him and pushed him out, then slammed the door

Gosh, how am l supposed to face him now that he’s seen my nakedness

I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to do that

Aderyn’s pov 🎀
As she pushed me out,
A part of me wanted to tell her that l only came to help her
A part of me wanted to yell at her that I never thought l would see her naked
It wanted to yell at her that she got no freaking right to push outta here
It wanted to yell at her that she was in my house and not hers

But l couldn’t tell her all that cos l didn’t want to or rather l couldn’t bring myself to say those awful words to her

I’m sick and tired of seeing her cry, I’ve hurt her a lot

Pain and guilt has filled my heart and l feel sorry for all l’ve feel sorry for hurting her

I don’t know why I’m feeling this way cos this is the first time I’m having this kind of feeling


“Cora, we’re gonna be late. Please come downstairs “Atlas screamed

We’ve been waiting for Cora but she hasn’t come down yet

Finally 😓, she came down but not in the school’s uniform

“You guys can go without me. I won’t be able to go to school today “she mumbled

Before we could utter a word, she climbed back upstairs

Atlas moved his eyes to me giving a ‘what have you done ‘ look

I shrugged

Billie hissed loudly before walking away

Cora’s pov 👄
I don’t feel like going to school today so l will just stay here

I needed time to get what happened between Aderyn and I outta my mind

“Grrrrrrrrrrr “l heard my stomach rumble

I’m so hungry 😫, l haven’t had breakfast

I’ve got to prepare something to eat


I arrived at the kitchen

I’m hungry and thirsty as well so l will take water before deciding on what to eat

I grabbed a glass and walked to the sink and filled it up

I gulped down the water

Now to decide on what to eat


I smiled as l placed the tray of meal l’ve prepared

It smells so nice

I bet anyone would want to taste this. It’s scrambled eggs with toasted bread 🍞 and a cup of tea

I sat down comfortably at the dinning chair and began to munch on my breakfast

In no time l was done eating and l took the dish to kitchen

I dropped it in the sink and tried washing them when the maid stopped me

“Madam, Boss gave us strict order not to let you do any work “she said and l arched my brows

“But l also came here to work “l protested

Wait a minute..

If she’s a maid here then l won’t have to do any work. There are other maids who can do the work

Cora, you are lucky girl

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