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Aderyn’s pov 🧡
I scowled and glowered at her while she pout

“You shouldn’t have done that “
I mumbled obviously angry

“No need to get all worked up, sweetie. You did the same to me “
She snapped and l heaved a sigh

She’s right. I also did the same to her so there’s no need to get all worked up

“But that doesn’t mean l don’t love you “she said and jumped on me

“I still love you “she added

“I hate you “l grouched

“What?!! “

“Just kidding “l laughed and she did too

“Ummmm, I’m feeling kinda sleepy and l think we’ve had enough fun for the night. Can we go to bed now? “She groaned

“Yes “
l said and she smiled and placed her head on my chest

I stroked her hair as she laid down

Few minutes later, l could hear her snoring so l slept also

Cora’s pov ❤️
I woke up when l felt a ray of light flash on my face. I yawned loudly

“Where’s Aderyn? “I thought when l noticed he wasn’t on the bed

I looked around the room but couldn’t find him. I wonder where he is

“Looking for me? “
I turned to see Aderyn standing at the doorway

I smiled and he walked up to me and sat down on the bed

I moved to sit on his thighs and placed my head on his chest

“Aderyn, l love you so much ”
I smiled

“I love you too ” he replied and l turned to face him and wrapped my legs around his waist

I trailed my finger down his face to his nose and then his lips

“What are you doing? “
He chuckles

“Aderyn, l want a kiss “l said and he scoffed

“The last time you kissed me was only for revenge so l suggest we don’t do that “he said

I pout and he smiled

“I’m kidding. I would never deny the chance of kissing the most beautiful girl l’ve ever set my eyes on “he said and l blushed

He pulled me closer and claimed my lips in his swiftly

His hot breath filled my face and his lips taste so good

More like honey

His arms laced around my waist while l placed my hands on his chest

He flipped and l was underneath him while he’s hovering over me

I tugged at his hair pushing him more closer to me while his tongue dart out and sucked my lower lip

I let out a moan as he bit my lower lip and he pulled away from gently and trailed kisses down my neck

Just then, we heard a knock…

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