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Cora’s pov ❤️
I can’t believe he tricked me and l was already falling for it or rather, l fell for it

“Coward “l cussed as he stuck out his tongue out at me

I’m so gonna make him pay for this

I rushed to the stairs while he ran away hurriedly

Aderyn’s pov 🧡
Five minutes later
“Cora, please stop chasing me. I’m really sorry sorry “l pleaded

“Never “She yelled
Cora has been chasing for the last five minutes and l can’t keep up any longer

My legs are wobbling already

I slumped on the floor panting heavily on my face with my back facing up

I felt Cora sit on me raining series of blows on my back

She stood up and kicked me

“That’s not enough. I’m not done yet “she sneered and walked away

I tried standing up but l felt dizzy and l black out

Cora’s pov ❤️
I’m not done yet. I’m still gonna do to him the exact thing he has done to me

I pulled out a chair and sat on it

“Hey Cora “l heard

“You aren’t satisfied yet, right? You need … “
“I was saying but hesitated when l saw it was Atlas

“Ummm sorry. I thought you were Aderyn “I mumbled as l moved to the Billies { goat } 😂

“Did you guys have a fight ? “He asked

“He … “

Wait a minute … If l tell him Aderyn kissed me, he might use that as an alternative to taunt me

“Where is he anyways? “He asked while l mumbled a “Phew “

Thank goodness he decided not to ask anymore

“Upstairs “l uttered

He walked away obviously to that his annoying brother

Atlas’s pov 💛
I got upstairs to see Aderyn lying on the floor

I turned him over and placed my head on the chest

He’s still breathing

“Cora, he’s unconscious “l yelped climbing down the stairs

“What? “She yelled and rushed upstairs

She got to where Aderyn laid down and raised him then placed him on her thighs

The Cora l know wouldn’t do that, what’s going on

“Get me water “she screamed and l ran to the kitchen to get her water

I handed it to her and she sprinkled some on his face

Aderyn coughed before opening his eyes

“Aderyn, l’m really sorry for hurting you “she said and hugged Aderyn

Aderyn hugged her too and l stared at them in confusion

What the hell is going on here?

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