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🌺 Cinderella – Episode 7🌺

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( I bought her 💰 , she’s mine 💝)

Episode 7

By : Diamond’s Writes ✍️

Cinderella’s POV

After cleaning the mess in his room, washed the duvet, I sat up tiredly on the floor.

I couldn’t sit on the bed nor a nearby couch because my body was da*n dirty.

I yawned loudly as my tummy made some funny noise.

I’m da*n hungry right now but who I’m I gonna tell.

I’m not even sure if anyone knows I’m in this house except the two guards who took me inside the room.

Sometimes I feel life is unfair.

I scratched my dirty hair and laid tiredly on the floor.

You know I’m beginning to think the name Cinderella us a curse.

Even in the story of Cinderella , she went through hell before her prince charming came to save her.

But who’s gonna save me from my hell?

Just then I heard the door open and two maids walked in.

I quickly stood up from the floor and dust my body.

” The prince asked us to give you these ” a maid said and dropped a bag which I guess contains some clothes and a tray of food on the bed.

” She’s not even beautiful. I wonder what the prince saw in this dirty girl ” the maids whispered among themselves as they exited the room and I heard them.

Tears welled up my Chubby cheeks as I stared at my body from my head to my toes.

Anyways it is well.
I believe everything is going to be alright one day.

I cleaned my tears and walked up to the bed. I opened the tray of food and the sweet aroma filled the air.

” Hmmm ” I sniffed in the aroma.
I quickly carried the plate of food , sat on the floor and began eating like a begger.

After I finished eating, I stood up from the ground. Dropped the empty plate on the tray and opened the bag which contains all sort of clothes.

I brought out a brand new towel from the bag. I changed into it and walked inside the bathroom.

I laid on the bathtub which was filled with warm water which I enjoyed.

After what took eternity, I finally came out from the bathroom.

I dried my body, applied a lotion which I saw on the bag. I brought out a red ball gown, which looked like that of a Princess and put it on.

I glanced at the mirror. Truth be told I looked really beautiful in this gown.

I wish I have a ball to attend so I can meet my prince charming.

Suddenly , the door burst open revealing prince Jayden.

I turned to him immediately he entered the room.

” Are you attending a party ” he asked and I nodded negativity.

” Good. You better pull of that ball gown and put on something reasonable ” he said almost yelling and I nodded.

Jayden’s POV

I laid on the bed and watch her pull off her gown slowly, like she was acting an eroctic film.

I stared at the body of this petite woman standing in front of me,which was looking smooth and fresh.

There was no blemish on her skin.

She’s an angel in human form.

Sometimes I feel like I’m falling for her charm..

She’s just too innocent.

I’m still thankful I haven’t touched her yet and there’s nothing to worry about.

I can f**k her any time , any day.

There’s no way my brother is going to have her again because I bought her and now she’s mine and mine alone.


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