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🌺 Cinderella – Episode 6🌺

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( I bought her 💰 , she’s mine 💝)

Episode 6

By : Diamond’s Writes ✍️

Jayden’s POV

I wore my clothes and walked inside the bathroom to get a bowl of water.

I carried the heavy bowl of water and poured it on her.

” Argh ” she screamed lightly and opened her eyes, though she was still weak.

I stared at her disgustingly and dropped the bowl on the floor.

She looked at me with fear Written all over her face.

” Just stand up and stop staring at me ” I yelled and she stood up weakly.

I looked at my bed which was soaked with water and was already a mess.

” Clean this mess and bath your ugly body ” I said and staring at her.

” Yes master ” she said weakly with her head bowed.

” And one more thing, Don’t put on this holy mother dress again. The maids will get you a new clothes ” I said and with that I exited the room.

Kayden’s POV

” Arrgh ” I opened my eyes as I felt water on my body.

I looked at my clothes and saw it was still clean and dry.

I felt cold and weak.

Ion know what’s happening to me , I feel like I’m having a connection with someone but who?

I laid on the bed weakly and rubbed my hands on my forehead.

I wonder what the h*ll is wrong with me these days.


I closed my eyes and finally drifted to sleep.

Mr Mike’s POV( the king )

I paced to and fro in my wife room.


I really miss Sarah , my wife.

I wonder who had the gut to kidnap her under my own roof and I promise to find that person and kill him / her.

I sat on her bed and carried her pillow.

Immediately I raised it up , I saw a photo under it.

I picked it up and looked at the phone only to see a strange man.

” What the heck!! ” I muttered. This guy is a replica of Jayden and Kayden, my son’s.

But how come?..

I don’t know this man on this picture but how come my son’s look like him?

And what is the picture doing under Sarah’s pillow?

And does he has anything to do with Sarah’s kidnap?

Something is definitely not right and I’m going to find out who this man is.

I picked up my phone and dialled Leo’s number – my detective.

” Hello sir ” he said over the phone.

” Leo I have a job for you “.


A woman gave birth to a child. The child doesn’t look like the father nor mother nor any members of the family. Instead the child nah looks like the landlord.

My brothers and sisters who owns that child?



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Diamond writes ✍️✍️

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