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🌺 Cinderella – Episode 5🌺

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( I bought her 💰 , she’s mine 💝)

Episode 5

By : Diamond’s Writes ✍️

Kayden’s POV

I laid on my bed trying to catch some sleep.

I closed my eyes and I was seeing that beautiful stranger.

Oh God!!

Why can’t I get her off my mind.

Sometimes I feel she’s in trouble.

I sighed repeatedly and sat up properly on the bed.

Suddenly , I began to feel uncomfortable. Twas like I was being slapped on my face, and my nose it’s bleeding again.

Just then I felt a cut on my lips.

What the f**k?.

I was gradually becoming weak. I couldn’t move. My whole body was damn down like I was being beaten. Suddenly , I lost conciousness.

Jayden’s POV

” You dare call me a monster ” I yelled in anger and gave Ella a punch on her nose, making her bleed.

I dragged her hair and pushed her to the bed.

I gave her a resounding slap, making her sustain a cut on her lips.

” Please ” she whimpered weakly.

” Just shut up ” I yelled as I ripped off her clothes.

I pulled my trouser and climbed on top her.

” I beg you please ja….. ” Suddenly she lost conciousness.


I screamed in anger and hit her tummy.

Anytime I’m about having my way with her, one thing or the other happens.

I can’t f**k an unconscious body.

I want her to scream my name when I’m f**king her.

I want her to see those stupid tears of her when slamming her again my bed. Then I’ll proudly tell that arrogant Kayden how I f**k Ella. How she screamed my name.
How she moaned and cried.
How are moan sounded like a music to my ear.

How she held onto me begging me to f**k her more.

I’m going to make Kayden cry and beg me, just the way he cried over his first love because right now I know he’s fallen in love with Ella’s.

Ermm what do they call that?

Love at first sight.

” Arghh ” I groaned and got off her.

I placed my ear on her chest. Thank goodness she was still breathing and her heart was Still beating.

I put on my clothes and went inside the bathroom to get a bowl of water.


I’ll be cutting the episodes short since you guys refused to like and comment.

Diamond writes ✍️✍️✍️✍️

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