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🌺 Cinderella – Episode 4🌺

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( I bought her 💰 , she’s mine 💝 )

By : Diamond writes.

♥️ Episode 4 ♥️

” Those tears are only gonna trigger me to f**k you more ” he whispered and traced his tongue from my collar bone to in between my b**bs.

I joined my lips together , weeping silently as I felt his d**k at the entrance of my V area.

Suddenly , I heard a knock on the door. He groaned and paused.

” Who the hell is there and what do you want? ” He yelled and I flinched.

” I’m sorry prince Jayden but it’s an emergency ” the voice said from outside.

” What sort of emergency ” he yelled again.

” The queen ” the voice said in reply.

” What happened to the my mother ” he asked.

” She’s been kidnapped my prince ” the voice said and he opened his eyes in shock.

He quickly stood up wore his clothes in a rush and exited the room.

I sighed in relief.

That was close.

Is that how I would have lost my dignity?

I sat up on the bed using the duvet to cover my naked body.

But who would have kidnapped the queen?

Kayden’s POV

I stood and watch father pacing to and fro in his room.

” Who the hell dare to enter my territory and kidnapped my wife ” he yelled and slapped the head of the bodyguard.

” I’m sorry my lord!! ” They voiced out.

” Sorry my foot. Now get out of my presence and go find my wife ” he yelled and they all ran out.

Just then Jayden walked in looking as worried as ever.

He’s really concerned about mum.

” Dad what happened? ” He asked as he entered the room.

” Son your mother was kidnapped ” father said and Jayden looked at me.

I sighed and walked out without saying a word to them.

I wonder who kidnapped mom.

Alot has really happened today and I need to calm myself down.

There’s only one place I can go and I’ll forget all my problems.

The beautiful garden..

Actually there’s this maiden I always see there. She’s always singing and dancing and I find myself attracted to her.

I can’t stay a day without hearing her beautiful voice.

I held a beautiful flower in my hands as I walked inside the garden to the exact spot where I always see the beautiful stranger but she wasn’t there.

I sighed and glanced at my golden wrist watch. She’s supposed to be here by now or maybe she’s on her way.

I looked around the garden searching for her but still no sign of her.

I sighted a long bench on the garden. I sat on it waiting for her.

I laid on the bench tiredly waiting for her till I drifted to sleep.
” Sh*t ” I cursed and jumped off the bench.

It’s night already.

Can’t believe I slept off while waiting for the beautiful stranger.

Suddenly , I felt angry.

I looked at the flower in my hands and threw it away and walked out of the garden angrily.

Sarah’s POV ( the queen).

I groaned as I opened my eyes.

I find myself lying in a strange room and on a bed.

” What happened and what am I doing here ” I said in my head looking around the strange room.

Just then the memories of how I was kidnapped came running into my head.

Oh no!!!!

Have been kidnapped.

I felt hot liquid slide down my cheeks.

Suddenly , the door burst open revealing my greatest night mare.
Some men on black was behind him.

” Ayden ” I called in shock and stood up from where I was sitting.

” Hey fake wifey longest time ” he said with a smirk on his face.

” Oh God Ayden you’re alive ” I said as tears welled up in my eyes.

I stood up from the bed and ran to him. I tried hugging him but suprisely the men on Black blocked my way.

Oh God!!!!

” Ayden I missed you so much ” I said smiling out tears.

” You betrayal you dare tell me you miss me! ” He yelled looking at me straight into my eyes.

All I could see in his eyes was pain, hurt.

” I’m sorry Ayden I thought you were d….. ”

” Enough ” he yelled and I flinched.

” Well I’m not here for your stupid explanation. I’m here for my son’s ” he yelled and I opened my eyes shocked.

” What sons are you talking about? ” I pretended not to know what he was talking about.

” Really ? You’re asking me what son. For f**k sake I’m talking about Kayden and Jayden ” he yelled between gritted teeth.

” They’re not your son ” I said and looked away from him.

” Really if they’re not my son why did you name them after me ” he said and bent to my level.

I rolled my eyes and looked away from him.

” You don’t roll eyes at me Sarah ” he said and held my neck making it hard for me to breath.

I held his hands trying to free his hands from my neck. Suddenly I saw some rashes coming out from his body.

He’s still has allergies to women.

I looked at him and he bit his lower lips.

He stood up turned away from me.

” Tie her up and make sure you give her no food or water ” he said and with that he exited the room.



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