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🌺 Cinderella – Episode 3 🌺

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( I bought her 💰 , she’s mine 💝)

Episode 3

By : Diamond Writes

Kayden’s POV

” Son your nose is bleeding ” mom and dad chorused at once.

I wiped my nose trying to stop the bleeding but all my efforts was futile.

Just then , I saw the son of a bitch , who calls himself Jayden.
I felt like killing him the moment I saw him.

” You bastard!! ” I yelled and landed a heavy punch on his mouth , making him spit out blood.

” Son stop that ” mom yelled and tried touching me.

” mom don’t try touching me ” I warned already boiling in anger.

If there’s one thing about me , I get angry easily and when I get angry , it’s hard for me to calm down.

” What in the name of God is going on here? ” Father asked angrily.

” Why don’t you ask your precious son what he did to me..this idiot deceived me in following him to the garden and ordered some men to beat me up and leave me to die! ” I yelled angrily.

” son did you do it ? ” Dad asked Jayden who was staring daggers at me.

” Of course I did it and I don’t regret it one bit. I wish this rude and arrogant jerk will just die ” he said and I landed another punch on his mouth making him stagger.

” I might be rude and arrogant but I’m not a killer and a betrayer like you ” I said and with that I walked out of their presence to my room.

I walked inside my room angrily and sat on the bed.


How can my own brother think if killing me. Yes I know he hates me but I didn’t know it was up to that extent.

I touched my nose and noticed it was no longer bleeding.
Thank goodness but I wonder why it was bleeding before.

I sighed and laid on the bed trying to calm myself down.

Jayden’s POV

” Son why did you do that to your brother ? ” Mom asked and tried touching me when I raised up my hands signalling her not to come close to me.

” Jayden aren’t you the one your mother is talking to ” dad yelled and I shot him a deadly glare before walking out of their presence.

” D*mn it ” I cursed under my breath.

I fucking killed that guy myself. how did he survive or did he resurrect from the dead.

Sometimes I begin to wonder if my brother is human. No matter how many times I try to kill him he doesn’t die.

I touched my lips which were already swollen from the punch he gave me.

” Arrgh ” I groaned and barged into my room and saw Cinderella sitting on my bed cleaning her nose.

She breath out in relief and said to herself and touched her nose.

She then placed her hands on her chin as if thinking about something.

Just then she touched her lips.

Holly Molly!!!

This girl is damn beautiful. I see the reason her parents names her Cinderella and why my brother got attracted to her at first sight.

I had no intention of buying her but I did because I noticed my brother liked her the first day he saw her at the garden singing and dancing and now I’m going to use her against him.

I f**king bought her , so she’s now mine.

Ella’s POV

” Arghh ” I breath out in relief when the bleeding finally stopped.

I sat properly on the bed and placed my hands on my Chin thinking about my prince charming.

I kissed him.

Oh good lord!!

I touched my lips thinking about him.

I just hope I meet him through out my stay in this place.

” Hey ” a voice yelled jolting me outta my thought.

I quickly stood up as I saw the devil in human clothing who calls himself prince Jayden.

He’s nothing compared to my prince charming when it comes to anything. He’s just as ugly as his heart.

” What were you thinking off ” he whispered to my ear and bite my earlobe.

” N.. nothing sir ” I stammered.

” Sir ” he said repeatedly and moved away from me.

” You know I kinda hate the title sir ” he said and sat on the bed.

” From today , hence you gonna address me as master Because you’re now my little pet. I bought you, so I own you ” he said and smirked.

” Now strip ” he said laid on the bed.

I became numb immediately I heard the word ” strip “.

” I hate repeating my self pet ” he said and sat up on the bed.

” I won’t repeat myself again ” he said and stood up.

This is a command from prince Jayden and not a request.

” Now strip Cinderella ” he yelled and I moved back a little.

I felt hot liquid slid down my cheeks as I removed my clothes.

I was now left with only p*nt and bra.

He dragged me and pushed me to the bed.

He came on top me and tore my p*nt and bra , leaving me naked.

He scrutinize my body carefully as a smile creapt onto his lips.

” I’m glad I’m going to be your first and mind you I’m not going to be gentle ” he said in a whisper as he trace his tongue on my neck down to my collar bone.

He stopped and looked into my eyes.

” That tears is only gonna trigger me to f**k you more ” he whispered as he traced his tongue from my collar bone to in between my b**bs.


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