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🌷 HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE Chapter five♨️

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Aderyn’s pov 💖
“I can’t believe that clumsy cat tried to get close to my Aderyn. Thank goodness you shove her off “Billies said, smiling

I arched my brows and turned to face her
“You know what? You are crazy. I’m not your Aderyn, get that into your blocked head “l ranted

“You are mine, okay? After all, that’s what your father wants “she shrugged

“Hey! Don’t feel too happy. There’s no difference between you and Cora. I loathe you also “l scorned looking at her disgustingly

“And l love you “she said and got in the car

“Cowards “Atlas muttered and also entered the car

I rolled my eyes, entered the car and drove off to home

Billes and l are kinda engaged cos that’s what my father wants, although we are still schooling. She’s living with us also and l hate her so much

Billies’s pov 💖
I frowned as l remembered what just happened between me and Aderyn

That’s what he always say ‘l loathe you ‘

He barely talks to me nicely, always rude and self-centered

Anyway, l’m still going to win his heart no matter how he tries to avoid me

Cora’s pov ❤️
I got home and walked to my room, l don’t want my mom to see my eyes all puffy and red

I sunk on my bed and sighed as my mind drifted back to what happened in school before l left

The scene came really clear in my head and l noticed l haven’t seen that girl around

I think she’s a new student and she’s already a taint

I remember seeing her standing close to him, l think she’s somehow related to Aderyn

Tears circulated around my eyes as l mentioned Aderyn’s name

l remember the first day l saw Aderyn. It was love at first sight of his picture

Aderyn Halnon is my dream crush but l don’t know if l love him anymore cos of what he has made me go through

Love is really cruel 😔😭

“Cora, lunch is ready “my mom said from the other side of the door

I made sure l locked the door firmly so she won’t come in

“I’m coming mom, l need to freshen up first “l half yelled

I could hear her footsteps as she walked away

“Gotta take a shower “l said as paced across the room, grabbed my towel and walked to the bathroom

The next day🌄

Aderyn’s pov 💛
“Get me water jean “l called out to the maid as l closed my eyes really stressed out cos l’ve gone to take my morning walk and exercises and l’m really stressed out

It’s Saturday and l think it’s enough time to get my mind off Cora

“Here it is “The maid said

I opened my eyes and collected the water and hesitated when l saw Cora instead of the maid

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