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🌀BOSSES🌀 (He’s a mafia–Shes miss president) SYNOPSIS 🎭🎭 Argggg…… Yeah….. F*ck me harder…. Yeah….go on… She moaned as she was being drilled my the one and only Adrian C’mon…… Yeah…. Uhmm… It’s…. Ok….. Stop….. Pease….. She pleaded as the pleasure she once felt turned into extreme pain He kept drilling her mercilessly as she pleaded for him to stop but he wasn’t in control anymore, he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to That how it is, he’s haunted by an awful past, which he doesn’t even know if it’s true or not, but he just can’t control it He kept drilling her and soon she was loosing breathe…… Her voice came out so low as she begged him to stop Her pleas created mighty flashes in his brain, making him scream, he screamed louder as his best friend Rhys rushed into the room shooting him on his arm That’s how it works, he eats bullets like it’s nothing and only that can get him to stop, he pulled out of the bitch who was almost out Falling fell on the bed as he wiped of the tears, he’s the most powerful…. Feared by other mafias…. And wanted my all…. His enemies and the ladies His Adrian marine sinfully handsome and blessed with great features, sinfully rich and a king in his world, his the BOSS, the mafia boss in Mexico *********************************** She catwalked into the office as everyone bowed down, greetings were flying around as she replied each with a smile Her manager rushed to her holding a file in his hands and soon, the new investors walked in, she stood upright waiting to welcome them They bowed down as he did the same, they all walked into her huge office behind her, The room was neatly arranged for the meeting, she catwalked all over the hall as she presented to them the new brand lotion her company has to offer Their claps filled the hall immediately she was done, they signed the deal as she congratulated them That who she is, the best In Her field, the best example of beauty with brains, shes miss Mariana Sanchez The number one business woman in Mexico, graced with beauty and brains, she miss president the sole founder of *beauty* She’s the president of her company, she know as MISS PRESIDENT Everyone wants her, in love and in business, they say she’s perfect but she’s not as she too is haunted by something she doesn’t know if it’s true of not What happens when this two bosses crosses path with each other and a new bond is form It’s hate at first sight And at second sight But what will be will be It’s going to be the best of it’s kind, you don’t wanna miss it From Christy carjul 💘U

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love and true feelings

  1. Secrets of the past and love triangle
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