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❤️ HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE ❤️ Chapter three

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Cora’s pov 🍥
I laughed so hard at the look on his face and stopped

” it’s just a toy knife silly, no need to get scared “l said and giggled

“Scaredy cat”l muttered and he scowled

“I wasn’t scared “he remarked

“Of course, you were like ‘what are in the world are you doing with a knife ‘l mimicked and laughed

You shouldn’t ignore folks, it’s really annoying “l uttered and he rolled his eyes

“Don’t rede to me like my brother always does “he said

“Whatever! But you are grumpy and you shouldn’t have held me if you actually knew you would let go of me “l said and he huffed

He’s crazy but l am going to teach him a lesson for ignoring me

Aderyn’s pov 💖
“You are a prick and tetchy as well “she said

“You are crazy and clumsy too ” l snapped

“Really? “She queried and l nodded

“Mine is better than yours, you are so disgusting “she remarked

“You are a lubber “l said

“No, you are a lubber “she snapped

“How can l be a lubber when am not as clumsy as you are? “I remarked

She sighed heavily and looked away

“I’m sorry for calling you a prick “she muttered and lowered her head pathetically

“I’m… l’m “l smattered then ran out of the class

I also felt sorry but l couldn’t bring myself to apologise to her

It’s been like forever since l ever said the word ‘sorry’

Atlas’s pov 💛
“Ummm, can you tell me what just happened between you and Aderyn? “I asked

“Nothing happened “she said and faked a smile then looked down

“You can tell me. I’m his brother “l said and she looked up

She sighed and explained everything that happened between them

“You know “l continued

“Aderyn is very cold guy, doesn’t smile and looks serious. I’m surprised he smiled today cos he never smiles “l said

And he never says sorry, that’s why it was hard for him to apologise to you “l added and she nodded

She inclined her head obviously in deep thoughts

“I’m sure you might be thinking why am telling you all these “l said and she nodded

“That’s because am sure you will be the one to change him for good “l said

“How? “She asked

“Aderyn’s an introvert. He was forced to come here by my dad. He never talks to outsiders but he talked to you which was surprising. Nobody dares to talk back at him except dad and mom but you did which shows you will be able to change his features “l said

She grinned nodding and l stood up and walked to my seat

“That’s enough talking for the day. Let’s see if my brother will be able to change “l muttered

Cora’s pov 🍥
“He does have many traits “l thought nodding affirmatively

Bad traits actually

What did he say Aderyn is?
An introvert, yeah that’s what he said Aderyn is

But what’s an introvert?
I breathed out and rubbed my palm down my face

And he said l could change his brother for good but l don’t think l can

I’m clumsy for crying out loud and Aderyn hates me already

I groaned and hit my face with my palm

“Ouch “l winced. I never knew it was that painful

Aderyn’s pov 💛
“What’s wrong with her? “I thought staring Cora as she rubbed her face

I stared at her as she talked to herself or rather no one in particular

She pouted her lips and hit her palm. She looked damn cute when she pouted

Oh my gosh! Aderyn, what are you doing?

I hit my head with my palm

Come on Aderyn, you are being obsessed over a girl you just met

I’m really going crazy right now

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