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Aderyn’s pov😡
“Where’s the maid you’ve been talking about? “I asked

He rolled his eyes
“You’ve asking that question all day. Be patient, she will arrive soon. I’ve sent the driver to pick her up”he muttered

I’m really eager to see this maid Atlas is talking about and l don’t know why

I spranged up the moment l heard the gate being opened

I don’t why l’m being nervous over seeing a maid

“Come on, let’s go see the maid “Billies said and walked out

I followed her outside with Atlas walking beside me

The girl stepped down from the car and walked to the boot

I couldn’t see her face properly cause she was wearing a hoodie

“This girl must be clumsy, who in the world wears a hoodie in a hot afternoon like this “l thought

She smiled as the driver pulled out her luggage from the boot

Her smile seems familiar. I tried bending down so l could catch a glimpse of her face but l couldn’t

“What are you doing Aderyn? “Atlas asked and l stood up

“Was trying to catch a glimpse of her face “l said

“Really? There’s no need to do that, she’s coming “he said

I nodded as we stood waiting for her. She smiled sheepishly as she pulled her luggage, the hoodie still covering her face

She got to where we were standing and removed her hoodie

I gasped and my eyes widened as l saw the maid

It was… It was Cora

Cora’s pov 💛
My eyes widened when l saw Aderyn

I didn’t even think that I would also work for Aderyn

If l knew, l wouldn’t have accepted the job but the deed has done and l’m already here

I moved my eyes to the girl standing beside Atlas

It was the same girl who made jest of me the other day

“Don’t tell me she’s the new maid you’ve been talking about “she said

“Of course, she is “he replied and held my hand pulling me into the house

“I refuse to let her work as a maid here “Aderyn roared angrily

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