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Cora’s pov 🍥
“Mom, l’m thinking of getting a job “l said and she flinched

“You can’t school and work at the same time “she snapped

“A part time job mom, you can’t be the only one whose always working “l remarked

“There’s no need to work sweetheart, just focus on your studies “My mom said

“There’s need mom. I will look for job, l can work a maid “l said and stood up from the couch

“Cora … “

I didn’t let her finish as l ran out of the house speedily

I’ve got to look for a job

Aderyn’s pov 🧡
“Co..Cora “l stuttered but she ignored staring at me with pain glistening in her eyes

I looked down blinked before looking up at her again

I saw the maid stretching out a glass of water to me

“It was just my imagination “l said as l shook my head

“Sir, are you okay? “The maid asked and l frowned

“In the world are you to ask me such question? “I asked

“Your maid, l’m supposed to … “She tried to say but l spranged up and she hesitated

“Get out this instant, infact you are fired “I roared angrily

She immediately knelt down and held my feet
“Please sir, don’t fire me “she pleaded

“Are you crazy? “I yelled as l pushed her off my feet

“Get out now ” l yelled

She stood up and ran away almost immediately

I hate being cared for and who in the word is she to talk to me in such manner

Gosh, maids are now getting too arrogant

Atlas’s pov ❤️
Arrrrggghh “l groaned as l climbed down from the bed

I feel really stressed out. I think all l need is a walk

I stepped out of my room

“Jean! Jean!! “I called out to the maid but got no response

Aderyn’s handwork. He has fired another maid again

I heaved a sigh as l moved out of the house and stood outside the gate

I tucked my hand in my pocket as the morning breeze ran through my body

I placed my face cap on my head to avoid attention

I walked down the road staring at the few houses across the street

I hesitated when I saw Cora arguing with a man like her life depended on it

I rushed to her and pulled her away from the crowd

“What’s the problem, Cora? “I asked and she sniffled

“I was thinking of getting a job, maybe to work as a maid or anything else, but no one wants me to work for them cos I’m clumsy “she said

“You want to work as a maid? “I asked and she nodded

Aderyn fired the maids so we’ll certainly need a maid at home

“You can work as a maid at my house. A full time maid “l said and she smiled

“Really? “She asked excitedly

“Yes “l nodded and she jumped on me

“Thank you so much “she said while hugging me

“Sorry, l think l’m over excited “she said as she disengaged

“It’s okay “l said and she nodded

“Bye “she waved and l waved back

She kept jumping as she walked away

Woow, she really is clumsy and very funny as well

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